New York Limousines

Hourly Limo Services

Limousines NY provide daily services or hourly services. If you want a Limousine all day for day trips for shopping or traveling, you can book a limousine for the entire day. If you only need a limousine for a quick ride to and from a place, you can pay an hourly rate and save some money.

Our New York Limousine services are popular for many different events in New York. Whether you need a quick ride to or from an airport, or would like a chauffeur all day, limousines are a perfect option. Limousine services provide additional benefits for the cost that you pay.


Limo Transportation to Surrounding Cities

Our Limousine services in New York are popular if you want to travel to other surrounding cities such as Washington DC, Boston, or Atlantic City. Limousine drivers are professionals that know the easiest way to get around to other cities. They are a safe way to travel, and it can save money if you are traveling in a large group. It provides you with an easy way to get home after an event, instead of trying to drive yourself or find a taxi willing to take you to another city.

Woodbury Commons Shopping trips

shopping NYC limo servicesOur limousine service in New York is popular for shopping trips throughout the city and other nearby shopping malls and outlets. A limousine provides you with a safe place to keep all of the things you buy, and provides you with an easy way to travel throughout the area. You can give the driver a list of the places that you wish to visit, and they will find the easiest route between shops. You and also ask them and they will suggest which order you visit the stores based on where they are located

Corporate Limousine Services

NewYorkLimousineCoachMany corporate offices choose New York limousine services when they need to travel. Limousines provide a look of accomplishment to other executives in the corporate setting. Showing up to an appointment in a taxi would look unprofessional, and businesses love the look of success. You will not need to worry about how you are going to get to a meeting on time if you hire a NY limousine in advance. They will be to you in time and will get you to your destination as quickly as possible.

City Tours

Limousines are a better choice than taxi’s and driving yourself while touring a new city. It can be difficult to navigate through New York yourself, so it is better to hire someone who knows the area. Calling a cab would suffice, but you would need to wait for one every time you want to go someplace new. A limousine also has more space, so you can be more comfortable while traveling through New York.


Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

bachelorette partyPeople like using our limousine service for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Things can get crazy during these events, and you will have one less thing to worry about if you hire a limousine. You can travel to different places if you like, without needing to select a designated driver. There is also enough room in limousines for the entire party, so everyone can travel together and have more fun. Limousine drivers will provide you with a safe trip home or to a local hotel after the party ends, so you don’t have to worry about driving yourself.

Nights out & Special Occasions

black_stretch_limoNY Limos offer car and limousine services for special nights out. If you are planning on drinking or going to a bar, having a limousine ride home is a good option. You will not have to worry about how you will get home or waiting for a taxi cab when you are ready to leave. A limousine will be waiting for you when you are ready to leave.

Prom Limos NY

Prom LimousineOur Limousine services are perfect for teenagers who want to feel special on their prom nights or homecoming dances. They want a special way to show up, instead of being dropped off by a parent, if they don’t have their own license. It is also a safe way to make sure that they get home safely, since there will be a professional driver with them. It allows them to feel grown up while still having someone to watch over them.

Wedding Limousines

Wedding Limousine NYCOur Limousine service for weddings in New York is perfect for that special day. We have catered hundreds of weddings and we know you want a romantic way to arrive and leave the ceremony, the reception and any place you may want to go, In a limo you can be alone and not have to worry about driving home or to the airport after they get married. Limousines are also used to transport the bride to the location of the wedding since there is a lot of room and it is a special way to show up to the wedding. Limousines can be booked all day of your wedding so the newlyweds have a special way to get from their wedding to their reception.

Airport Transportation

We server all the New York City airports and offer limos to Newark airport as well. After a long flight, people want a reliable ride waiting for them to take them to their hotel or other destination. Booking a limousine is an option that will save you time once you reach your destination. There is enough room to hold all of your belongings and you can be comfortable while traveling to your hotel.