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Whether you’ve been together for five months, five years or even five decades, every anniversary is something to celebrate. Your partner is the most important person in your life, and you love knowing that he or she is by your side through the ups and downs. If you want to make this anniversary something truly special, our team here at NY Limo Coach is here to help!

Plan an evening to remember by implementing some of these ideas when your big day arrives.

Use the Element of Surprise

Few things are better than planning a surprise date for your special someone. For one, your partner will love not having to do any of the planning. Instead, he can just relax and enjoy being surprised. Planning a surprise also shows your sweetheart that you care enough about her to take the time to research and book in advance.

Over time, even the best relationships have days that feel monotonous, so a surprise date is a perfect way to breathe some life and excitement back into your relationship. Imagine the thrill on your sweetheart’s face when she walks outside and realizes you have hired a limo to transport you for a memorable evening.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

You and your significant other have created so many memories throughout your relationship, so why not revisit some of those. Many spots in NYC have become special to you over the years. To celebrate your anniversary, consider taking a trip down memory lane. After your New York Limousine picks you up, spend the day re-visiting these spots and reminiscing about the wonderful times that you have spent together.

Perhaps you could head to Central Park to visit the bench where you shared your first kiss, or maybe you’ll enjoy brunch at the SoHo restaurant where you had your first date. If you proposed in the Big Apple, don’t forget to stop by that particular spot to let your partner know that you would be glad to sayyesall over again!


Try Something New

If you plan an event that the two of you will never forget, consider the challenge of trying something new together. Maybe you can finally snatch up those Hamilton tickets that he’s been pining for, or perhaps you can play tourist in the city and head to sites you’ve never seen before.

Some couples love to try new things in an adventurous manner. Even though NYC is a huge metro area, there is no shortage of opportunities for outdoor adventures. Have your driver drop you off at Alley Pond Park Adventure Course to try zip lining in Queens, head to the Jamaica Bay Riding Co. for horseback riding in Brooklyn, or soar to new heights as a couple at Manhattan’s world-famous Trapeze School New York.

Give NY Limo Coach a call today, and we’ll be thrilled to handle all of your transportation needs for your next anniversary celebration. We would love to be a part of helping you and your sweetheart make unforgettable new memories.

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