Sizzling Summer Fun in New York City

Sizzling Summer Fun in New York City

There is no place in the world like NYC for non-stop excitement. When it comes to taking in the sights, there is always something for everyone, whether you are a visitor or a native New Yorker. And, when you want to really kick back and take everything in, there is nothing like a personalized limo service that can accommodate any group size. You set up your agenda, and our professional limo driver will keep you on schedule.


For history buffs, this is the 240th anniversary of the Battle of Brooklyn. This was the first battle after the signing of the Declaration of Independence where a newly constituted United States Army engaged the British. You can ride in cool comfort while reliving America’s infancy as you visit the many historical battle sites located throughout the borough. There is never a problem with parking or long walks between sites; you decide when and where to stop and tour a site. Photo source.

For animal lovers, the Bronx Zoo offers 265 acres of exhibits and open landscapes. The zoo opened in 1899 and still operates many of the original buildings as well as more modern structures, including an aquarium. There are over 600 species of land and water animals, reptiles, and birds. You can arrange to have your limo pick you up from your hotel and arrive at the zoo during the morning hours so that you can watch when the animals are fed. There is so much to see at the zoo that might want to plan a return trip while you’re on vacation.


For horticultural enthusiasts, the New York Botanical Garden is a must see. The Garden is conveniently located across the street from the Bronx Zoo. With more than 250 acres of nature’s brilliance on display, it is more exhilarating and spectacular than anything most visitors expect to find. You can walk around the outside landscapes or view the exceptional indoor exhibits that feature floras and faunas from around the world. Photo source.

After visiting the Bronx Park attractions, you can leisurely relax in your limo as you are driven a few blocks west of the zoo where there are a number of eateries that will delight your palate. You’ll have the opportunity to select from local and ethnic culinary menus.

One of the city’s main attractions is Central Park. The park is an endless experience of fun and relaxation for the entire family with its limitless amount of statues, buildings, walking and biking paths, and waterfalls and reservoirs. One famous, and favorite, attraction is the carousel, located at the south end of the park. The current carousel remains true to its original 1871 design, complete with American folk art and calliope music.

Wherever your interests lay, you can experience your visit completely when chauffeured to and from in a modern limousine. You decide where you want to go and what memories you want to capture, and your skilled chauffeur will see that your dreams are fulfilled. Book your limo today for the ultimate NYC summer vacation!

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