Travel Stress Free This Black Friday To The Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets

Enjoy Black Friday Shopping

Travel Stress Free This Black Friday To The Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

Waking-up early on the Friday after Thanksgiving to go shopping is an annual tradition for many people in New York City. Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets, located in Central Valley, is one of the most popular places in New York to find great bargains on Black Friday. As the largest outlet mall in the United States, shoppers can shop all day and night to complete their holiday shopping. An important thing to remember is that getting to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets requires a long drive because it is located outside of New York City.

Rent a Luxurious Limousine

Anyone who has spent Thanksgiving with family and friends is likely too exhausted to remain alert during a 1-2 hour drive to a busy shopping mall. Because Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets is a large commercial property with over 200 stores, the parking lots as well as the mall itself is huge, requiring customers to walk long distances. A great solution to make Black Friday shopping more enjoyable is renting a limousine from New York Limo Coach. An expert chauffeur can pick up a client early in the morning to travel to Black Friday sales located at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets.

Have an Expert Chauffeur

New York Limo Coach offers great rates for customers wanting transportation to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets on Black Friday. The all-day rental option is an excellent choice for shoppers because it provides transportation to and from the outlet location, in addition to having enough room for several people and all their shopping. With a nine hour limousine rental time, as an example, shoppers have seven hours of shopping without needing to worry about parking a vehicle. Shoppers unfamiliar with the malls location will love having a knowledgeable chauffeur with knowledge of the quickest ways to get there. Chauffeurs will drop-off eager shoppers near entrances of stores so that they can avoid a longer walk.

Never Worry

The highways leading to Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets are extremely crowded on the holiday weekend, including Black Friday. For shoppers not familiar with the local highways and streets, having a chauffeur to navigate can relieve frazzled nerves. After collecting more bags of fantastic bargains than you’d want to carry, shoppers can load the items into the rented limousine before continuing to the next store. Because a professional chauffeur is in the vehicle, shoppers do not need to worry about theft in the busy parking lot.

Make an Advance Reservation

Shoppers wanting to spend Black Friday at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets should make an advance reservation to secure a vehicle and chauffeur for the day. While luxurious town cars that carry up to four passengers are available, it is also possible to rent larger vehicles such as stretch limousines, vans and SUVs. A comfortable vehicle from New York Limo Coach can carry as many as 8 passengers and their shopping, making it an economical value for a large family or group of friends.

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