5 Reasons You Should Book a Prom Limo

Maybe you remember prom fondly. Or maybe you were a wallflower.

It’s the most hyped night of any high school career. And attendees get creative with their special rides.

While some might show up in a Cinderella carriage (be home by midnight!) or a tractor, the classic choice is a prom limo. But besides a classy ride, there are other reasons to book a limo for prom. Below you’ll find our top five.

1. Would You Take Your Date to Prom in THAT?
The number of teenagers on the road is declining. But there are enough out there to know that many parents still give their kids a set of keys for that 16th birthday.

And if you remember what your first car looked like by senior year, you might be embarrassed you even let your date touch it.

Save your kid an embarrassing memory by renting them and their date and their friends a clean limo. Prom night doesn’t have to be spent amid old Wendy’s cups and crumpled up and forgotten homework assignments.

2. Book a Prom Limo for Safety
While you may trust your teenager to drive their car alone, the distraction of passengers, especially friends or dates can be a recipe for disaster.

A limo driver is a licensed chauffeur. For-hire drivers in the state of New York need a Class E driver’s license. This means a clean record and in some cases extra driver training.

Instead of wondering if your teenager is driving distractedly, you can rest assured they’re in good hands.

3. A Boss Sound System
This may not be a parent’s utmost concern. But if you had to sell a limo ride to any teenager, it would be the awesome sound they won’t get in their beat-up old Honda Accord with the left speaker blown.

What’s a ride to the prom without some excellent beats? No matter what your teen rocks out to, they will find themselves immersed in the music.

And once they do arrive at the dance floor, they’ll be perfectly ready to show off those moves they’ve been practicing in their bedroom all week.

4. Skipping Curfew? We Don’t Think So
The legends of prom are night abound. And parents everywhere worry what might happen to their child.

But sending a child to prom in a limo with their best friends is the only real way short of a GPS enabled ankle bracelet to ensure your kid gets home from prom promptly.

Your teenager may not fully understand why you want them home by midnight, but the coolest way to keep them safe is a prom limo.

5. It’s a Mobile Party
Prom night shouldn’t be spent alone. It’s an important social event. And you can maximize your kid’s social time by hiring a limo for prom night.

If there’s an after party, why not keep the vibe going from school gymnasium to event location? Your teenager and their friends will appreciate the rad space to just hang between events.

If you think a prom limo is the right choice for your teenager’s event, contact us and book a ride today.

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