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Stop Being Nervous About Visiting New York City by Renting a Limousine

There’s no need to be nervous about experiencing New York by limo with an uniformed Chauffeur, if you’ve ever had any doubts on the matter read on.

Chauffeurs are Helpful
When you are a first-time traveller to New York City, it is an exciting but confusing experience. New York City is a crowded and extremely busy city, making it difficult for visitors to navigate. In addition to constant side walk and street traffic, it is difficult to understand particular addresses or where to park vehicles. The reality is that renting an automobile to travel in New York City is possible but frightening. There are also taxi cabs available, but the rates are high, and in some cases, the drivers are not ready to help tourists find destinations.

Limousines are Affordable
There is a good chance that you are visiting New York City with a group of relatives or friends, and this creates a good opportunity to save on sightseeing or going to entertainment venues in a comfort and stress-free style. By sharing the cost of renting a clean and comfortable limousine from NY Limo Coach, you’ll find it can be a surprisingly affordable solution for travelling into, out of and around this city. Besides, you’ll never have to stand on a street corner figuring out how to hail a taxicab. Limousine services have flat rates and plenty of room, and fleets include vehicles of various sizes to fit your needs. This makes it easy to budget in advance.

Airport Pick Ups
With NY Limo Coach, you can request a pick up from airports in the area or hire a vehicle such as a Lincoln town car, stretch limousine or Escalade for sightseeing tours during the day or attending an event in the evening. If you want to go to a Broadway show, ballet or concert at a crowded venue, then a chauffeur can drop passengers off near an entranceway. You do not need to worry about finding a taxicab driver to arrive on time or cope with finding a parking lot after renting a vehicle.

Peace of Mind
Hiring a chauffeur to drive you gives you peace of mind, because NY Limo Coach employees are service oriented and professional at all times. When a limousine picks you up at a hotel or airport, the heater is turned on to create a warm environment. There is plenty of space available for your luggage or holiday gifts, and you can listen to music, watch movies or enjoy local scenery while travelling to your destination. In addition, you can consume food and beverages while travelling rather than worrying about finding a restaurant.

Easy Limousine Scheduling
NY Limo Coach offers hourly or daily rates for professional chauffeur service and modern limousines. While a taxicab is usually only sanitized once in a 24-hour time span, NY Limo Coach has experts clean a limousine to ensure it is vacuumed, washed and deodorized. The chauffeur driving your limousine understands New York City streets and neighbourhoods in order to transport you quickly and safely to destinations such as shopping centers, concert halls and theaters. Make your first trip to New York City stress free by calling NY Limo Coach at 1-800-447-1955 or using an online form to hire a limousine and chauffeur.

JFK International Airport

Midtown Manhattan: 45 min to 1 hour
Suffolk County: 1 – 3 hours
Nassau County: 15 min – 1 hour
Greenwich, CT: 1 hour
Newark, NJ: 1 hour and 15 min

LaGuardia Airport

Midtown Manhattan: 30-45 minutes
Newark, NJ: 1 Hour
Greenwich, CT: 45 min -1 Hour
Nassau County: 1 Hour
Suffolk County: 1-3 Hours

Newark Liberty International Airport

Midtown Manhattan: 45 min to 1 hour
Atlantic City: 2.5 Hours
Greenwich, CT: 1.5 Hours
Nassau County: 2 Hours
Suffolk County: 2.5 – 4.5 Hours

Perhaps if you’re reading this and haven’t booked your flight yet, you may even decide to plan your trip this way! Either way, Contact NY Limo Coach to answer questions you may have.

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