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Taking A Wine Tour On A Budget

Wine tourism continues to be on the rise in New York. If you’re a wine enthusiast, there’s no better way to enjoy your vacation than to seize the opportunity to sip and swirl. You’ll definitely have a great vacation if you plan your wine adventure carefully. Having access to the best tasting wines is something that you can’t afford to miss. While tasting fees can break the bank, there are other ways you can take a wine tour on a budget.

Choose less-traveled wine regions

The best thing about wine tours is that they let you experience the luxury of wine tasting. You don’t have to be an expert at wine tasting to create a one-of-a-kind wine tasting experience. It’s possible to taste more wines without sacrificing your budget. A great venue for wine tours on a budget will be the regions that are deemed to be less traveled. These regions will let you taste more wines without having to pay more.

While wine tour on a budget may often be perceived as tasting low-quality juice, that isn’t the case in these under-the-radar regions. Since they are not faced with expensive operating costs and rents, you can be sure that you’ll get to taste fine wines.

Don’t travel on a weekend

Less trafficked periods are not only affordable but a practical option as well. Why? These periods will allow you to have more time focusing on wine tasting as there are fewer crowds. Instead of just grabbing a quick sip, you’ll have more time to savor the goodness of wines. You’ll also have the opportunity to engage with other wine enthusiasts as the place isn’t too busy. Avoid tasting events in music festivals, county fairs, and other similar events as wine tasting might only be limited due to the number of crowds who are present at the venue.

Share tastings

Another way that you can make the most out of a wine tour on a budget is when you consider sharing tastings. The fee you need to pay per tasting will depend on the winery. The general rule of thumb should be one tasting for two individuals. More often than not, standard tasting rooms pour 1 ounce, with an average tasting of approximately 6 wines.

Plan ahead

If you want to maximize your tasting room visit, be sure to plan in advance. You might want to do a quick Google search for you to find out which wineries in New York will interest you. Some wineries are appointment only so you need to make sure to make a reservation so you can customize your tasting. You should also consider engaging with your tasting attendant as they might be able to provide you access to wines that are not included in the tasting menu.

Hire a limo service

A wine tour won’t be as enjoyable without hiring a limo service to make the entire duration of the tour comfortable. Be sure to hire a limousine so you can save money, especially if you’re traveling in groups. A limo service can also help you save money if you are going on a wine tour on a budget.

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