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Top Luxury Limousines Choices on the Market

Do you know that the world’s longest limousine has 26 wheels and is 100 feet long? It features a king-sized bed, jacuzzi, two separate driver compartments and a heliport.

Luxury is always a balance between quality and design. It doesn’t stop with beauty. Instead, luxury is all about exclusiveness, comfort, and amusement. Limousines are classy and comfortable vehicles that spell luxury.

For decades, people have hired limos to stand out and enjoy an upscale experience.

If you are planning to hire a limousine, you should be aware of the diverse types of the market. Here are few types you can pick.

#1 The Sedan
The sedan limousine is a high-end 4-door vehicle driven by a chauffeur. It is a luxurious model sedan for city trips and business visits, typically in black or white, and in makes such as Lincoln, Cadillac, Mercedes, BMW, Buick, and more.

When compared to other limousines, the sedan limo is small and compact. It can accommodate around three passengers and three pieces of luggage at a time. The luxury sedan is a classy vehicle that is often hired by professionals and celebrities for routine transportation.

If you wish to ditch traditional cab services and taxis, the sedan limousine is a perfect pick! This is a great vehicle for airport pick-ups and drop-offs.

The sedan limousine is a great vehicle making your best first impression.

#2 SUV Limos
The SUV limousine, similarly to the sedan, is a luxury vehicle, but better suited for larger groups and inclement weather.

Popular models include the Lincoln MKT, Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Suburban, GMC Yukon, and Lincoln Navigator.

The SUV limo comes fully equipped with leather seats, plenty of space for five to seven passengers, and up to seven pieces of luggage. The SUV limousine provides space and luxury, without the price tag of a stretch.

If you are longing for a splendid travel experience, the SUV limousine is what you need. Most people hire the SUV limo for airport transfers and parties.

#3 The Stretch Limo
The classic on in this list, the stretch limo is what most people associate with the word “luxury limousine”. As suggested by its name, the stretch limousine is a vehicle that has been “stretched” to accommodate even more people and amenities.

Synonymous with luxury, class, comfort, and elegance – the stretch limousine is mostly used for weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, prom nights, sweet sixteen’s, quinceañeras, graduation parties, birthdays, and luxury trips.

In this luxury limousine, you will have a relaxed trip in an open plan design more reminiscent of a living room than a car. Amenities may include a bar, TVs and more.

A stretch limo can be either a sedan or an SUV. Popular models include the MKT 8/10 passenger stretch and the 18-passenger Escalade. Luggage-to-passenger ratio isn’t a concern here because this vehicle is meant for celebrations.

When it comes to luxury drives, the stretch Limousine is a tree topper.

#4 The Passenger Van
Have a large group to transport? Too many for an SUV, not enough for a limo bus, and not the occasion that warrants a stretch limo or limo bus? The passenger van is the right match for you.

Popular passenger vans include the Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter. Each will easily transport 10+ passengers and plenty of luggage, while the Mercedes adds little extra luxury.

Chauffeured passenger vans are a popular choice for shopping trips, wine tours, and conventions.

#5 The Party Bus
Another interesting limousine for rent would be the party bus or limo bus. It is obvious that the limo bus is designed for parties on the go.

This is an upscale bus with room for anywhere from 24 to 56 passengers. If you want to bring the whole party on board with you, this is an ideal choice for you.

Limo buses are the popular choice for wedding guests, birthday parties, family reunions, bachelorette parties, and big events of any kind.

Want to add a touch of luxury even though traveling with a crowd? This is the choice for you.

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