Top 10 Most Outrageous Limos in the World

1. Lamborghini Aventador Stretch Limo Image: Lamborghini Aventador by TheRichest This limo looks like something you would find on a Transformers movie set. Although it only fits seven people at a time, this Lamborghini Aventador Stretch Limo is an unusual combination of a sports car and limo all in one. Enjoy an L-shaped couch and […]

Get the Most From Your NYC Trip Using a Limo Service

A trip to New York City is always a fun time. However, you can make it even more memorable by getting around town in your own limo. Instead of worrying about catching the right bus or fighting thousands of people on the subway, you have a private driver who will tend to your every need. […]

How To Find The Best New York Limo Service

Are You Looking For the Best New York Limo Service? Renting a limo can be an exciting experience. Whether you’re looking to rent one for a birthday party or to transport corporate clientele, a good amount of effort should go into your selection process. When choosing the right limo company, there are three key steps […]

Top Luxury Limousines Choices on the Market

Do you know that the world’s longest limousine has 26 wheels and is 100 feet long? It features a king-sized bed, jacuzzi, two separate driver compartments and a heliport. Luxury is always a balance between quality and design. It doesn’t stop with beauty. Instead, luxury is all about exclusiveness, comfort, and amusement. Limousines are classy […]


You’ve waited for this night all year long: it’s finally time for Prom. You’ve picked out the perfect outfit, have your corsage ready, and you’re ready for a magical evening. However, you’re not quite done just yet. You’ll want to make sure that you and your friends can arrive at prom in style. What better […]